Kosher style usually refers to food that is not kosher, but is a type of food that could be produced as kosher. Generally, kosher style food does not include meat from forbidden animals, such as pigs or shellfish, and does not contain both meat and milk.

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The Value of Coffee 3 weeks ago
One of our favorite social gatherings is coffee dates. Coffee is universally loved and there is a variation of coffee for everyone. Less espresso, more milk. Dairy, non-dairy. Even the option for tea for those who don’t drink coffee. Sitting in the sun with a hot beverage or inside a cute cafe holds an amazing ambiance for all those involved. It’s a great way to relax and b present while you enjo
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Healthy breakfast 3 weeks ago
Starting my day off with the right meal is incredibly important. We love going on adventures and trying new restaurants to see different takes on healthy breakfasts. It’s amazing what one restaurant can do with granola and then seeing what another does. Granola parfaits?! Yes, please. Berries, granola, and yogurt are a sure-fire way to start your morning right and devouring one while in a beautif
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